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In March this year, A & F filing shows that since 2012, the best first-quarter earnings, retail experts say it is still too many stores in the United States, but internationally, it can be a little daring. It is understood, Abercrombie decks Hollister Middle East also opened eight stores up. These portfolios are likely to get a positive return in the future.”Cards” into the fast fashion brand “straw”: This spring, the fast fashion trend intensified. In addition to the familiar Zara, H & M, GAP and Uniqlo, recently opened in Guangzhou Some budding mall is fast fashion brand has injected fresh blood, such as A & F’s Hollister, H & M’s COS, ZARA’s Massimo Dutti and other “cards “the first store in Guangzhou have landed. Earlier, Forbes global rich list shows that long ranked second in the Amancio Ortega (ZARA CEO) the first time surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world coming. However, in the opinion of consumers, “fast fashion” giving a “homogeneous” and “popular and dependable” impression. As more fast fashion brand vice stationed in Guangzhou, the Air us what happens.

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Depends on the Middle East market and vast fresh, regional sales of A & F’s still growing. According to market research firm TrefisTeam data, A & F is now nearly 36% of sales occur outside the United States. It stores overseas bigger, richer category, global perspective, output per square foot of $ 770 in sales in the United States, this figure is only $ 420. In this one, the European market due to mature early and can be reclaimed degree has not, can not provide significant growth. A few years ago, A & F to look to Asia, but the Asia-Pacific region hit economy slowdown, China and Russia is not very good sales, forcing the A & F had the goal of turning the Middle East. “With the situation to pick up mid-range fashion brands, high-income residents of the Middle East can provide support. MOE shopping centers, new emerging brand in Dubai, but Dubai can offer new and broad land to a prominent international brands, maybe visitors will go MOE shopping, so the a & F store in Dubai is an excellent choice. “market analyst EuromonitorInternational of DianaJarmalaite had TheNationalBusiness website said. Into the Middle East’s strategic restructuring is also expected to help A & F further work.

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However, Abercrombie & Fitch is not the only poor company earnings data. The latest quarter included within a fast fashion group GAP, J. Crew and department stores have been influenced by macro-economic strength and weakness in consumer shopping patterns, dynamic, Americans spend on furniture goods, cars, food, travel and other aspects of the experience to more, and gradually away from clothing to buy. By sexy famous brand clothing actually selling well in the Middle East, the United States abandoned the sexy marketing fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch is still in transition. This time, it no longer reiterated he “changed the store, adjusting the perfume, for the designer,” the new policy, because it has recently found a new force point: to the Middle East. Middle East is a magical market, although the mainstream Islamic beliefs crowd, so many men and women have to wear the robe scarf, but for now it seems, it seems to be embraced by the exposed flesh, known for A & F.And last year, the High Court of the United States has sued A & F, it refused to hire Muslim women. 2015, A & F in Kuwait and Dubai, respectively, opened a store, which declared it a global extension Zhang territory extends to the Middle East. Next, A & F also plans to continue to shop in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

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On the wholesale business development, the Group’s A & F and Hollister have signed a new wholesale agreement, but stressed that the agreement is only for online sales channels. According to sources, the company is investing in a new upgraded version of Abercrombie & Fitch store concept, through new retail store concept to convey to restore popular, Arthur C. Martinez said, because of the iconic brand casual style aimed at consumers aged 20 and over, this means that the new store will have a more mature sense, the company also plans to add personal care products in the stores and to expand its product line of accessories. In terms of personnel changes, Abercrombie & Fitch Group, a comprehensive shake-up, including last June joined the company’s design director Aaron Levine, Lisa Lowman in May last year also joined the company as senior vice president of Hollister design. In addition, the company has recently been appointed as the Abercrombie brand Stacia Andersen CEO, Kristin Scrott president of Hollister.
In a conference call with Wall Street analysts on, Fran Horowitz, president of the company pointed out that the six constituent elements of the strategy: customer-centric, providing authentic and differentiated product category, clearly defined brands, optimize brand channels, improve efficiency, reduce overhead and ensure the success of an organized walk in the fields.

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The three months ended April 30: The Group’s net loss narrowed to $ 39.6 million, compared to a year earlier net loss of $ 63.2 million; net turnover from $ 709.4 million last year fell to $ 685.5 million, down 3.4% Wall Street previously forecast revenue of $ 710.3 million; YoY store turnover fell by 4%, by brand, Abercrombie & Fitch turnover fell 5%, but only 2% decline in Hollister; Guide Shop and multi-channel growth in turnover accounted for the quarterly net 24% growth in turnover. For the 2016 fiscal year, the group said it expects second quarter remained challenging, but it is expected the second half of the fiscal year will be better. The company plans to open 15 stores this year, of which 10 major open market in China, plans to add six discount stores, but will close 60 stores in the US market. Arthur C. Martinez, chairman of earnings in a telephone interview that the present quarter turnover by the international fashion retail, the negative impact of the US flagship stores and tourist shops. “Abercrombie & Fitch has a higher popularity in terms of tourism and shopping.” He explained that the company has been tracking the use of international credit cards, with a total turnover in excess of international credit card transactions generated 50% of the stores are considered tourist attractions market.

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At the same time, they are required to supervise the overall work of the brand as well as decision-making, while Stacia Andersen will assume office on June 13 after the completion of the transition, Kristin Scott will be a little later in the August 1 to complete the transfer. Group expressed added two new senior executives, the Group is very accepted, but also that the two men in the management and operational aspects of the Group to be able to bring more possibilities of recovery. Which prompted the group to make the appointment, from the one hand, the successful completion of the transition after the A & F, the need to continue to strengthen more aspects in order to secure the current image among consumers, and the foundation has previously reached a new image for the preliminary the success, therefore, the two new female president can be washed with a soft, more respect for nature’s brand image, it is worth look forward to. A & F dismal first-quarter earnings fell 16% shares will close 60 stores in the US clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch dismal first-quarter results, both overall revenue or earnings per share were below Wall Street expectations, after the news, New York when the stock Exchange composite trading company shares plunged 15.7% to $ 21.15 per share.

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The Chairman of the Group said it will close stores in parts of the United States less profitable, in addition, will increase investment in the Chinese market. It is reported that in April 2016 ended the first quarter of the 30th, the Group continuously recorded a loss of $ 39.6 million, while sales, the Group during the first quarter recorded a total sales of $ 685.5 million, but on an annual basis, still recorded of 3.4% decline. By brand profitability, the Group’s namesake brand sold a 5% decline, while, Hollister also has a 2% decline. Recently been rising ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, then to a new round of reshuffle better rise, action is also very large. Following the new appointments last week, this week A & F again issued a notice declaring two new appointments. It is reported that the original clothing sales and Stacia Andersen, senior vice president of operations, was appointed vice president of A & F A & F as well as children’s clothing line, and Kristin Scott Hollister brand has become the president of a successful recovery. The former was the senior vice president of marketing, Target department store chain in the United States, while the latter worked for Victoria secret, executive vice president of the brand. In addition, two new president took office will want to group president, CMO Fran Horowitz reporting.

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Jeffries In conclusion, the failure of the Japanese stores will be attributed to the economic downturn and the aging of the social structure, too many young people will focus on those fast fashion brand above. He was convinced that Japan can not represent Asia, China is the next target. According to the plan, A & F this year will open 40 stores and five Hollister A & F flagship store in the world. Hong Kong’s first Hollister has been opened in August 18, A & F store opening time has been finalized, even at a high price squeeze out “the beach” (Shanghai Tang) lair – Pedder (Pedder Building) bunk. Mainland China’s first Hollister has also been located in Shanghai, Nanjing Road 353 Plaza, next to MANGO and Gap. Head of marketing, said the mall, shop for all matters relating to the project to go through all the A & F Headquarters direct control. Last week has been immersed in the fiscal year 2015 have revival of A & F, again and again coaching change, attempting to make this good news continues, however, due to the large environmental impact, recently announced first quarter earnings of A & F is still recorded a loss . Despite last week announced two new appointments, the two women can provide some of the Group’s ability to recover, but the group’s CEO is still vacant.

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Hollister Co. and its flagship brand A & F has been taking male color marketing style, it seems has made no small achievement, but still continue in the future whether or still valid, is currently unknown. American clothing brand Hollister landed in Australia next year: Hollister (Hollister) is a popular young American popular trend of clothing brands, high-end casual clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch (A & F) ‘s Vice-line brand recently, Hollister announced. It will open its first store on the ground next year in Australia. Hollister in Australia’s first store will be located in a local shopping center. It is understood, Hollister shop in Australia is one of Australia’s apparel market its tentative move for the future of large-owned company set up to lay the foundation Abercrombie & Fitch store on the ground. Hollister brand believes Australia is also one of the few “to be developed” in overseas markets, its leading brand of young, stylish and affordable apparel products have a lot of room for development in the region. However, industry analysis, Hollister brands into the Australian market is likely to face fierce competition, such as David Jones, Myer department stores, the department has provided a variety of overseas fashion brand apparel for local customers.

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Not long ago, A & F grand opening in Jing’an Kerry, clear water of a naked man in the street publicity, attracted a large number of female consumers come to the onlookers, and even cause the door Bounded packed, can not help but lament the male color marketing magic . June last B1 floor Star Universal Port, today opened Hollister Co. advance publicity. The Hollister Co. stores in Shanghai after the second six months of renovation finally reveal the true face. Two male model topless distribute leaflets, also attracted many consumers onlookers, came only female customers asked for a photo, even male customers also came seeking photo. Hollister Co. on Star Universal Port This shop occupies about 350 square meters, the overall style of the decoration and Bounded by the A & F similar. Whether it is played on a large LED screen with seaside scenery, or inside the dress, decor, and its beaches are consistent with the style of surfing. On Star Universal Port, the official said, on Star recently introduced a number of foreign fast fashion brand, Hollister Co. is one of them. Its positioning and development orientation on Star basically the same, which is Hollister Co. eventually will be one of the reasons on Star World in Hong Kong.