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Girls series with exquisite detail, edging personality to do the old spring to create the basis of a single product. Spring series, girls dresses more exquisite tailoring, eye-catching; the new boys polo shirt hit color design and innovative. Mr. Michael Scheiner, vice president of Marketing and Public Relations Abercrombie & Fitch, said: “We are very pleased to continue the development of China in Hollister, Hollister welcomed its first store in Guangzhou Currently, the latest spring collection has been fully landed stores, we hope to be able to best. spring single product presented to consumers. “Hollister Guangzhou store has grand opening March 26, full of Southern California SoCal style of 2016 spring has landed stores. Come and see the day Sentral style store, the first to experience the most authentic Hollister brings Southern California style! A & F Hollister today the opening of cards, color marketing men stationed on Star World Hong Kong: A & F Hollister decks, Raffles City in Shanghai has a store, recently on Star World Hong Kong ushered in its second store in Shanghai. Hollister (Hollister Co.) brand, generally called “Hollister”, or simply HCO, the US high-end casual wear brand A & F (Abercrombie Fitch) a subsidiary of Vice-line brand, Hollister for 15 to 25-year-old boys and girls, strive to reflect the Southern California beach surf style, with a & F is relatively more affordable material, corresponding Hollister’s price is lower than the number of a & F.

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Liu Hao Ran appeared Hollister Guangzhou shop: Fun SoCal wind:April 2, small meat Liu Hao Ran appeared Hollister stores in Guangzhou to celebrate the new store opening. Liu Hao Ran because in the “Beijing love story,” “Chinatown Holmes” and other works in the wonderful performance by many young audience favorite. He said he also Hollister small fan. The same day, Liu Hao Ran is also involved in Hollister # # play out innovative video challenge, that video will be in Hollister official microblogging and micro-channel platform release April 5. Guangzhou’s first Hollister on March 26 settled day Central Plaza, it is the first of its 13 stores in China. Hollister store in the new Central Plaza is located in central Guangzhou days sink area. Hollister store LCD TV screen, bringing guests to California Huntington (Huntington) Beach Pier, n-foot surfboard surfer, standing against the breeze, waves return. Store design inspired by beach huts, but more perfect: crystal ceiling lamp crystal light falling on the bright, soft and comfortable clothing for customers to create a warm and cozy beach atmosphere; and comfortable seats allow customers in more than shopping better leisure and relaxation. This spring, Hollister boys series continues casual relaxed style, into a variety of exciting designs.

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In 2000, Abercrombie & Fitch Co Group launched the Hollister brand, mainly targeted consumer groups for college students, and even better than the current Hollister Development Group namesake brand, the ratio between the two stores is 2: 1, the previous fiscal year ended February 1, 2014 in Hollister co-operate 587 stores, including the United States 458, 129 international stores; the same period, Abercrombie & Fitch operates a total of 275, of which 253 domestic, 22 international. Including Abercrombie, Gilly Hicks, including the Group’s total number of stores for the fiscal year 1006. Hollister brand recorded a full-year net sales of $ 2.128 billion, accounting for more than 50% of the Group’s total revenue of $ 4.117 billion. But Hollister brand sales fell 14% in the year was higher than 5% Abercrombie & Fitch and Abercrombie’s 10%. In addition to Fran Horowitz, 6 Yuefen Group appointed Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids clothing line president Christos Angelides will also be 20 this month officially joined the company. Earlier sources said one of the two is likely to be the successor to Mike Jeffries. As to whether Mike Jeffries will leave in the future, Arthur Martinez represents Mike Jeffries is the company’s flagship character, the time is ripe, Mike Jeffries will announce a high-profile departure.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Hollister brand for the appointment of a new president: after the announcement of the build for fast fashion brand Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch Co (NYSE: ANF) to Hollister appointment of a new president, 51-year-old senior retail executives Fran Horowitz, will serve as the brand CEO, while reporting to the Group CEO Mike Jeffries. Fran Horowitz previously served as Ann Inc. (NYSE: ANN) Ann Taylor Loft’s president, before serving the Express Inc. (NYSE: EXPR) served as executive vice president of business and women’s design, she worked at Macy’s Inc. (NYSE: M) high-end department stores Macy’s Bloomingdales service for 13 years, assumed various positions. Fran Horowitz is expected to be 20 officially joined Abercrombie & Fitch Co. In March, the US teen apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. wishing to represent its brand Hollister becomes fast fashion brand, just took over in late January Chairman of the Board Arthur Martinez Group is represented and suppliers to discuss the establishment of a rapid response supply chain. Hollister brand positioning change will mean that many elements may lower the price, decor and product structure. Has been on Abercrombie & Fitch Co disgruntled investors Engaged at the end of February has unilaterally issued a statement expressing dissatisfaction with the board of directors, in addition to continuing the emperor to abdicate Mike Jeffries, Engaged Abercrombie & Fitch also slow action express anger, hope corporate restructuring as soon as possible, the development of new direction, in addition Engaged also nominated five board members.

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Rebrand, while Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is also actively expanding multi-channel sales, Abercrombie brand in the UK’s largest electricity supplier fashion ASOS PLC (ASC.L) Following, Hollister brand in this season will also be the site for sale A & F and Hollis Mainland China special online store officially launched October 14, 2014, Abercrombie & Fitch announced that its next brand a & F and Hollister in parts of the country formally launched online store, which is Abercrombie & Fitch expand the China market is another major milestone. The new online store on-line the mainland will bring more than ever, an extraordinary online shopping experience to consumers. In addition, A & F and Hollister new localized electronic business platform will continue to log on at the end of this year in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and other places. Billy May A & F, vice president of consumer marketing, said: “Our focus is to continue to expand its coverage of the brand in the Chinese market, the new online store will further bring more comfortable and convenient shopping experience for the A & F and Hollister fans.”

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Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Executive Chairman Arthur Martinez expressed in earnings due to the restructuring of the group and brand are still at a preliminary stage, “We have to expect the first quarter will be very difficult”, but the group can see the Hollister brand and same-store sales positive momentum continued to improve in May, investors led by the Group’s overall brand out of the quagmire generate hope. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. after former CEO Mike Jeffries stepped down in December last year, the group has failed to find a suitable successor. Group tend to move from the internal selection of candidates including Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Ramsden, Abercrombie brand president and CEO Fran Horowitz Hollister brand, and now they are in friendly cooperation and healthy competition stage, the Group has hired executive search firm Spencer Stuart to find candidates from outside as supplement.A quarter gross margin was 58.0 percent, more than last year greatly reduced 420 basis points, after excluding some items at constant exchange rates gross margin was 61.8%, up 70 basis points over last year. This season contains gross inventory write-down of $ 2,690 million, mainly due to the Group changed the sexy marketing strategy to accelerate the clean-up after the reform and brand positioning and product mix obsolete inventory, for this reason in the second quarter will generate $ 2 million in write-downs.

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However, the Group is expected to reflect the performance of an important indicator of same-store sales in the second quarter and the second half will be improved, Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE: ANF) shares rose in early trading Thursday up to 11.7%, the highest increase in 15 months. In the first quarter ended May 2, the Group net loss of $ 23.7 million from last year rose sharply to $ 63.2 million, loss per share from $ 0.32 to $ 0.91, excluding some items of adjusted loss per share was 0.53 dollars, the floating exchange rate of $ 0.13, the market expected a loss per share of $ 0.35. Net sales fell 13.7% to $ 709.4 million, less than the $ 730.9 million market expectations, compared to $ 822.4 million, the negative impact of exchange rate fluctuations was 6%, same-store sales fell 8 percent, better than market forecast of 8.7% and in the fourth quarter 10%. US home market sales fell 11% to $ 448.9 million, same-store sales fell 7%; the international market, sales fell 18% to $ 260.5 million, same-store sales fell 9%.
By brand, Abercrombie brand sales fell an annual 12% to $ 340 million, same-store sales fell 9%; Hollister brand sales fell 12% to $ 367 million, same-store sales fell 6%, well below market expectations of 8.7% and in the fourth quarter 11%, mainly due to same-store sales growth in Asia and Europe to improve performance.

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Each Hollister stores are full of vitality and energy, store design inspired by beach huts, strong rhythm music, fresh and unique fragrance, the attitude of the pursuit of freedom, both showing the iconic Southern California lifestyle. Here is the selection of high-quality jeans, T-shirts, sandals, ideal destination sweater and comfortable clothing for swimwear. Hollister (Hollister) 2015 Winter Christmas catalog, Hollister (Hollister) 2015 Winter Christmas Lookbook: autumn will soon be over, it is time to “warm embrace”! Hollister (Hollister) Release full Southern California SoCal style new Christmas series. 2015 autumn and winter, Hollister (Hollister) in relaxed, easy casual style brings many warm single product: handsome warm winter coat, fine textured sweaters, ultra softness of cashmere hoodies, washed jeans brand …… more to the “warm embrace” is entitled boys and girls winter brings 10 modeling concepts, accompany you perform romantic and heart-warming story of winter. With PROGRAMMING probe to find out what it look wonderful! A & F Hollister-than-expected first quarter loss brand now signs of improvement: US teen apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE: ANF) recovery plan by the strong impact of the US dollar, a large quarterly loss increased far more than market expectations.

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Home tide shop: Hollister surf to Hangzhou Vientiane City store first opened: US brand A & F (Abercrombie & Fitch, NYSE ANF) ‘s Vice-line Hollister yesterday in Hangzhou, Vientiane City opened, which is the Hollister first six stores in mainland China, also it. this is definitely the most screaming female guests gains a clothing brand in Zhejiang first store. Hollister opening scene also brings rage “welfare shop” a whole row topless hot lifeguard half-naked upper body warm interact with consumers at the door, we can say, handsome marketing has become Hollister signs. A & F’s Hollister settled in Nanjing: Yesterday, Abercrombie & Fitch announced its Hollister Aysan world shop grand opening in December, the Christmas season will bring pure Southern California style Nanjing consumers. This is the first Hollister stores in Nanjing, mainland China is the seventh stores. Hot lifeguard and stunning beaches of Southern California has always been synonymous with the Hollister. During the opening of the new store, lifeguards will be hot in front of the shop delivered the opening invitation card with fans photo. This vibrant, uninhibited personality humor advocated precisely Hollister Southern California style, where there are easy-going lifestyle and relaxing shopping experience.

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Hollister store LCD TV screen, bringing guests to California Huntington (Huntington) Beach Pier, n-foot surfboard surfer, standing against the breeze, waves return. Store design inspired by beach huts, but more perfect: crystal ceiling lamp crystal light falling on the bright, soft and comfortable clothing for customers to create a warm and cozy beach atmosphere; and comfortable seats allow customers in more than shopping better leisure and relaxation.Hollister is presented by the United States Abercrombie & Fitch clothing brand with a young Southern California style, with hot lifeguard and stunning beaches of Southern California as a brand synonymous. In 2000 the first Hollister store in Easton, Ohio opened. January 2006 began international, it has expanded into Canada and the United Kingdom.By the end of 2012, Hollister in the world has 478 stores, its iconic Southern California lifestyle, to every corner of the world. Hollister in Shanghai China in 2011, by far the country a total of 12 owned store.Hollister A & F with a relatively more affordable material, the corresponding price is lower than the A & F number. Although Hollister clothing brand A & F with the main difference is not great, but with a different brand positioning and marketing communications, succeeded in creating market segment, we have won a lot of young people like 10 generations in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places prepared a favorite with young people.